Garage Team Motorcycle Expeditions

Our Mechanics for Motorcycle Expeditions


Jassa Bir, whom we often tease by his nickname “Just-a-Beer”, is the Maestro mechanic of our Expeditions. Originally from Punjab and father of four children, Jassa is more than just a senior mechanic, he is both an experienced and passionate rider and one of Motorcycle Expedition's Team highlight. 

Based in Delhi for the last decade he is in charge of our workshop-garage for the constant maintenance of our bikes, and joins and assists most of our motorcycle tours on the Sub-continent, including the Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan.

Jassa Bir, respected Sardarji throughout India, has proven over the years his honesty, potential and dedication, and his experience of the domain is such that it seems as if he knows what bikes need to kill their drag.

But most of all, beyond being a team member of M.E he is also a good friend and an unforgettable companion of travel. 



Ravi is a young and dynamic bike enthusiast. He maintains our fleet with great care and follows our expeditions as a backup mechanic, so that he can take over as a reserve rider if anybody gets too tired to ride!

Traveling with riders from all over the world, and after many years of assistance, Ravi has acquired considerable skills in the art of mechanism. He knows how to deal with any roadside breakdown problems, and whatever the situation may be, Ravi is always ready to push bikes through freezing cold ice water, uphill muddy off-road paths and throughout the desert with the same dedication and smile that will never fail to appeal.




Maestro of our garage team, senior mechanic and probably take one business seriously; is while wrenching on the bikes. Garage is a niche where he does all sort of experiments on the bikes and keep our fleets shining while riding high Himalayan tough terrain.





One of the youngest team members is our Garage Manager and Royal Enfield enthusiast. He makes sure if all our fleets are properly repaired for our rides, a hard-working and passionate rider loves the bikes and takes care of every spanners and bikes at the garage. His management skill is excellent and delivery every commitments on time.




Salman is young and dynamic mechanic at garage, he has been playing with Royal Enfield since his childhood. Maestro of Classic 500, he customizes the vintage bikes, he mostly works on customization, if anyone falls in love with Royal Enfield during our ride with us and wants to import it back home as the trophy, Salman is the guy who will work on your bike.




New mechanic and assistance of the other two mechanic, provide them all necessary spare parts while repairing the bike. He takes care of all garage’s equipment and put the tools in a sequence.





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