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We'll fly in and out for Leh-Ladakh, Ladakh is a sparsely-populated area of lofty mountains and high desert plains in the Indian Himalaya, part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was once a major intersection on the Silk Route, it’s renowned for its sky touching snow-capped mountains and ancient Buddhist monasteries.  It is now bordered by Chinese-controlled Tibet to the east and Pakistan to the north. Currently all Ladakhi border crossings to these countries are closed. The indigenous population are mainly Buddhist originally Mongolian descendent and are culturally close to Tibetans. Ladhakis traditionally carved out a tough existence through agriculture, shepherding and trade, but now the tourist industry also provides income. Ladakh is the coldest inhabited place on Earth, after Siberia. The entire region around Ladakh's capital, Leh, is cut off by road from mid-October to late May by snow and landslides.

The minimum elevation of Ladakh is 3,500meters, being part of the Tibetan Plateau (Ladakh is known as 'Little Tibet' and has often been part of that Kingdom). The Great Himalaya to the east provides a rain shadow, beyond which the easterly monsoon should not pass (although very occasionally it seems to). The lack of precipitation means less snowfall than other areas of similar altitude and it is this that has allowed the building of most of the planet's highest roads in Ladakh. Winter temperatures fall as low as -35ºC, but in summertime the climate is mild, ranging from around 30ºC to 15ºC in the daytime and rarely dropping below 5ºC at night. We’ll discover the high altitude lakes and some rare Himalayan altitude wetland and crystal clear turquoise coloured lakes on Indo-Tibet frontier in Changthang (the land of Tibetan Nomads). We’ll ride the roads, where very few riders dare to ride because this is where we’ll ride on world’s highest motor-able road. 


Region of Country Leh & Ladakh (the land of high passes and lakes)
Period June – September
Duration 11 Days 10 Nights
Riding Days 08 Days
Accommodation Hotel – Camps
Motorbike Royal Enfield 'Bullet' 500cc
Level of Difficulty Challenging
Max. Altitude Reached 5,602m
Max. Sleeping Altitude 4,572m
Average Daily Distance 157kms
Total Distance 1,255km
Fitness Level Moderate to Tough


HIGHLIGHTS of Oasis of Ladakh

  • Riding the historic Royal Enfield “Bullet” Motorbike
  • Riding on the world’s highest motor able road
  • Remote ancient Buddhist monasteries
  • High Himalaya passes and stunning valleys
  • Breath-taking views of mighty Himalayas.

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