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Buddhi Singh Chand Vastly travelled and an adventurous off-road rider. Expert on the terrain and amateur of his culture, after years of traveling in his Motherland, inspired by the beauty of its landscapes, he sets up in 2005 his own Motorcycle Expeditions.

Motorcycling has always been a deep passion: covering 20'000 km of India, Nepal and Bhutan with his trustful 350cc Bullet. Adventurous Motorcycling is his culture!

He is soon involved as member, guide and off-road rider in several Motorcycle Clubs Events all around India and Europe, and after years in the saddle, working mostly as a Royal Enfield Motorcycle guide for Western Tourism, leading many raids in India, Nepal and Bhutan, his knowledge of the area and his network of contacts have extended. He soon understood the potential of Motorcycling in India, and finally decides to run his own Motorcycle Company in the Himalayas.

Founder and Advisor of Motorcycle Expeditions, Buddhi is a multilingual local guide: along with Hindi, his native mother-tongue, and among a couple of Indian regional dialects, English, French, Basic Spanish and Nepali are his principal foreign spoken languages.


MOTI KODAFA, (Motorcycle Expeditions advisor/road captain)

Moti Kodafa - Motorcycle Expeditions advisor/road captainMoti is one of those riders; who have been riding solo all around the sub-continent, he have been mapping less travelled roads, to create more possibilities for motorcycle enthusiasts to explore the hidden beauties of sub-continent including high Himalayas.

He is still persuading his passion to travel, His experience of terrain is incredible , wither its Nepal, Ladakh, Rajasthan, South India (Kerala), connoisseur of culture, for him there is no end in sight for his adventure , it is just part of the daily diet, he has travelled extensively on his bike.

He has also run a garage professionally back in the days in Kasole (Parvati valley), and now he has decided to share his passion and experience with Motorcycle Expeditions, he can regale you with his travel stories. Riding for him has not only been a passion, but a necessity.

He chooses a motorcycle over a car to commute to work. He started working for us as a guide on the road, advisor for motorcycle expeditions in India, Nepal.


HappyHappy Thakur (Motorcycle Expeditions Road captain)

Happy is an experienced road Captain and leads our expeditions from high Himalaya to south India and Rajasthan. His passion for riding motorcycle is an endless gasoline tank. Happy originally is a Himalayan guy and have a deep zest for travelling. After receiving his degree Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) he joined Motorcycle Expeditions and ever since he has been on the road with riders from all around the world. He will never fail to make your holidays best ever.


NEERAJ, (Office Assistant)

Neeraj If you drop us an email or call us, Neeraj will answer all your calls and emails. When Motorcycle Expeditions crews is out leading the rides, this is when he gives us his support to provide us the back-up in case of any mishaps on the road or taking care of all the official works and providing the right and complete information to our riders querying on our rides.

Amateur of travelling, passionate motorcyclist after his degree in (MTA) Master of Tourism Administration, he joined the team of Motorcycle Expeditions, and he is today taking care of whole operation. He is found of motorcycle and loves to ride when he is not busy on his desk.


NAKUL SHARMA, (Tour Leader, Photographer)

NakulHe grew up infected by the travel bug and spends most of his time in traveling and photographing around the world, from high Himalayas to Europe

He has a deep passion for Motorcycling since his school days; he has now joined the team of Motorcycle Expeditions. He worked as a freelancer French interpreter in Delhi.  He has been working as a tour leader from last 3 years in the different regions of India with different Travel Agencies. He loves to share and talk about the Indian culture, traditions. Guiding big groups very finely and actively in the different sector of India, he is always ready to take the initiatives during the trip to the country, allowing the tourists to experience the new culture and places through his knowledge.

┬áNakul now regularly runs our tours in Ladakh, Rajasthan and occasionally in Goa and South India.  Expert on the terrain and multilingual guide, Nakul speaks French, English, Hindi and couple of Indian dialect; he is pursuing continuously and exploring his own passion with his 500 cc Royal Enfield Motorcycle in India.


RAHUL BODH - Road Captain / Photographer / Movie Maker

Rahul BodhAfter years of traversing the Indian sub-continent on his mighty 350cc machismo, this Khampa Nomad reached Bombay(Mumbai) and was employed in Bollywood for five years as assistant cameraman & graphic designer. Finally he decided to return home to the Himalayas and joined our team, as the photographer / road captain for Motorcycle Expeditions. He is now responsible for the photography on our motorcycling tours in South India, Rajasthan and the Himalayas.

Rahul has successfully directed Tibetan movies and music albums in his career but now he occupies himself releasing the shutter on his camera. He transforms the passion, beauty and enjoyment of our riding holidays, into magic on the screen to the admiration and delight of everyone.

I vividly recall my first trans-Himalayan ride with Rahul and ever since, through the many inexplicable twists and turns of the roads, he has always stood by with his photography and videos showing sincere commitment to his passion.

Rahul speaks fluent English, Tibetan, and Hindi and around four Indian dialects and he loves to travel and meet new people.  Ultimately, Rahul will present you with a DVD filled with photos and videos of your experiences on tour, so beware of your mischievous shenanigans for he may be right behind you with his camera ready to capture the moment.

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