Some tips on your Clothing & Kit for expeditions


Here is a selected and detailed list of items that are primordial for the safety and comfort of all our riders. This list has been carefully elaborated, year after year, on the basis of our experience on the terrain. All and every item that we have considered most suitable will guaranty a better course of the expedition. As we do not provide any of these, be aware in not forgetting to pack any of them. There is neither time nor facility to equip yourself adequately during your trip in India, so please read through the following list. We strictly recommend our guests to acquire, specifically, all of the required items.


Sun hat/cap
Warm clothes (Himalayan tours)
Water Resistant Jacket/Raincoat
Strong and warm pair of trousers (Himalayan tours)
Fleece/under jacket
Warm socks (Himalayan tours)
Warm underclothes (Himalayan tours)
Shoes or boots(t least 2 pairs)
Warm scarf


Light sleeping bag (Rajasthan and S-Indian tours)
Warm sleeping bag -10deg. C ( Himalayan tours)
Dense travel towel/Quick drying towel
Torch light/Head torch
Thermos for Hot & Cold


Bike gear

Bike gloves
Snood/Dust mask
Kidney belt
Water resistant backpack
Bungee/Cargo net



2 Passport pictures (Himalayan tours)
Prescription glasses/Spectacles
Alarm watch/wrist watch
Money Belt
Medication (consult PD)
Basic first aid kit
Insect repellent
Sunscreen/sun block UV 30/40
Lip balm


Please kindly note: do consult your doctor for injections and high altitude medications.

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