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Rajasthan & Taj Mahal Motorcycle Tours

While the Himalayas will offer an off-road and highly adventurous ride, especially in summer, Rajasthan, at its best in the colder seasons, is more sumptuous and mellow for its historical marvels, for the versatility of rajasthani culture and architecture - blend of the Rajput’s creativity and Moghul’s influence - and for its destinations.

Land of Kings, jewel of the Indian architectural heritage, and astonishing visual delight, Rajasthan is, by far, the most colorful state of India. Every city, like any other in the world, has its own trait of character. In the land of Maharajas, where the spice route, silk route and Mogul battles took place, some of them can be remarkably distinguished by their color. While Jaipur, Capital city, and jewel of Rajasthan, was built of pink sandstone, the rarest color of its kind, Jodhpur, a true mosaic of all shades of blue, had been painted as such to distinguish the homes of Brahmins, its largest population, from others. And while Jaisalmer, as if to blend in the desert of Thar, dressed itself up with the same nuances of yellow, Udaypur, actual oasis, with its majestic palaces, multiple lakes and houses painted in white, is the most elegant and lush city of them all.

Picturesque as it can be, Rajasthan, yet simply referred to as a desert and famous for its gigantic forts, castles and intricately carved temples, and is pinched with contrasts of colors beyond imagination. Women, dressed in saris of all colors, appear as precious flowers and gems, covered with semi-transparent veils in infinite variety of tones matching almost miraculously those of Havelis, homes of rich merchants, sumptuously painted as if to amaze its passers-by. No wonder kings made it their land as we make it our playground!

Land of desert, where the oldest and once highest mountains in the world have now passed-on their glory to the Himalayas, the Aravelis, now no higher than common hills, bow with modesty, making the Thar desert a land of oasis. Known for its fierce and fearless sword warriors, the Rajputs, for its stone carving and vast selection of semi-precious stones, for its most authentic gypsy music, for its surreal atmosphere and for being a country ruled by many kings, “Great-Kings”, and the land of Maha-Rajas seems to be coming out from a romantic tale of the One Thousand and One night...


Region of Country Rajasthan ‘The country of Maharaja’ & Agra
Period September to March
Duration 15 Days 14 Nights
Riding Days 13 Days
Accommodation Hotels
Motorbike Royal Enfield 'Bullet' 500cc
Level of Difficulty Normal
Average Daily Distance 206kms
Total Distance 2,066kms
Fitness Level Easy


Highlights of Rajasthan tour

  • Ride in the land of maharajas
  • Traditional ornately decorated Havelis in Mandawa
  • Pushkar: A mystical small town around a holy lake with Brahma temple( creator of earth)
  • Visit some of India’s most revered sites, from city palaces, to temples and ancient forts.
  •  Pink city: chaotic Jaipur
  • A City of lakes and palaces: Udaipur
  • Golden city of India: Jaisalmer
  • Capture the Taj Mahal at sunset
  • Destinations: New Delhi, Mandawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ghanerao, Udaipur, Jojawar, Pushkar, Jaipur, Ranthambore, Agra and to New Delhi.

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