Self-ride motorcycling expeditions in India.

Here is an option which enables you to travel entirely in your own way and at your own pace. You may choose any of our pre-organized tours or yet customize your very own. Our services range from basic to full packages with the ability to provide all possible assistance, excluding a foreign or local guide. In joining this concept, you will be responsible for the success and achievement of your self-made expedition.

This is not a fully organized tour; therefore you are entirely on-your-own in managing your departures, pace, breaks and others, depending on the options you wish to include in your package.

We have here composed six possible self-ride packages in two different parts of India (Himalayas & Sub-Continent), as an example, illustrating a clearer idea of possible customized options. Rates*, due to the versatility and variety of our options, can only be evaluated after the selection or composition of a package. Any extra service is a supplement that will be added accordingly.

Feel free to consult us for any details, advice and requests.

* Rates will vary according to destinations, duration, number of travelers and the options you select for the package: the more the travelers, the lesser the costs.

Warning note:
Self-rides Expeditions are not meant for motorbike beginners or first time travelers. M.E. seriously recommends this option only for motorbike experts and globe trotters. In deciding to travel on your own, you take greater risks than in joining a tour with a guide (kindly consult our Self-rides Terms & Conditions).
Here is a list of reasons why it may be difficult or even dangerous to travel solo.

  • Dangerous curves: left-hand driving on high mountain roads without safety road edges; trucks may suddenly pull out of a sharp curve on the wrong side of the road due to the crossing of a cow or damage of the road.
  • At the traffic lights: green is no certain indication that you are safe to cross the street. A sudden truck, rickshaw, child running through or a nonchalant cow can cause many accidents.
  • No side-lights: most people do not use side lights when turning, so one must always be ready for any sudden change of route of the neighboring vehicles.
  • No signal: in the Himalayas, there is no mobile phone signal, nor is there any way to make a phone call (satellite phone are prohibited); therefore if you are on your own and in trouble, without the assistance of a guide, you may not be able to find any rescue.
  • Language: though in the big metropolis most people can very well communicate with you in English, once off the beaten track, English will be of almost no use. Sign language will be your only option. There is no tourist information outside of the tourist points.
  • Traditions: though one may pay great respect to local traditions and customs, it is quite inevitable to be offensive even when behaving correctly according to your own culture.
  • DOs and DON’Ts: Every specific region in India has its own customs, traffic rules etc… Therefore we will give you useful advices when applying for a Self-rides Expedition.

Now, if you believe that you are a confirmed rider and traveler, the Self-rides option is an amazing opportunity to travel where and how you please without the guidelines of a fully organized tour. As addition to this adventurous raid and for those whom wish to document their incredible self-made expedition, we do also provide the Self-rides Documentary Option which enables you to document your ride and explorations throughout the entire duration of the excursion. You will then receive a documentary, after being fully edited, of your very own journey in India!

Hereafter are 6 samples of possible Self-rides Packages in two different parts of India.

We remind you that these are only examples of how a Self-ride tour can be organized. Packages can be arranged in many different ways depending on your idea of a perfect expedition. Self-rides Tours will automatically include, as shown in the package samples, motorbikes, fuel, spare parts, mechanic assistance and a back-up jeep.

Here are some basic options that you can add to your Self-ride Package. For any extra request you may consult us.

List of Options

Camping (where applicable) Assistance
Sleeping tents
Dinning and kitchen tents
Camping assistance: Chef, kitchen kit and assistants
Back-up Jeep and driver*
Hotels Others
Booking (only)
Booking and pre-payment
Standards: Budget, Comfortable and Deluxe
F/B (hard drinks excluded)
Dance representations
Safaris: Jeep, camel and elephant (where available)
All drinks

*Back-up Jeep is included in groups of 5 and above.

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